A-Speakers is an award winning Bureau with a global focus. We are one of the world’s largest speakers bureaus with a focus on growth and service.

Our headquarter is in Odense, Denmark – right in the middle of Scandinavia. Additionally, we have offices in a number of countries including Norway, Sweden, New York, USA and several European Countries.
We have been named Best Speakers Agency in local markets and we have won multiple Entrepreneurial Awards. We are proud of our bureau and its accomplishments. That pride is reflected in our attention to detail and excellent service.

A-Speakers has experienced continuous growth and now serves several thousand keynotes every year. Our size and experience make us some of the most knowledgeable speaker booking consultants in the industry. We serve reputable companies, cultural organizations, Educational Institutes and sophisticated audiences all over the world. Our reputation is important to us and we always strive to serve speakers and clients with stellar service. We aim to secure the best and most suitable speakers for all our clients.

A-Speakers represents speakers, innovators and thought-leaders in a wide range of fields including business, psychology, economics, politics, stress management, and more. We are in frequent and direct contact with most of our speakers and deliver the most recent and relevant information to our clients.